Little Acorns

Small seedlings grow into mighty trees with the right nurturing!

Welcome to
Little Acorns

Our Little Acorn room is a warm and caring home from home environment which provides care to children between the term in which they turn 2 years to 3 years. Whilst following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements we strongly believe that children learn best through play. Our Little Acorn room is always set up to follow our childrens ever changing interests and we offer several different areas to support this.

Children can freely access any areas of the room throughout their sessions, choosing when and what they would like to play with.

Explore Little Acorns Room

Our Little Acorns room is a warm and caring home from home environment which provides care to children from the term they turn 2 years old up until 3 years old.

Home Corner

Our home corner is a popular area of the room where children can act out real-life experiences with real life objects. Our children learn about sharing, playing cooperatively and develop lots of language here.

Small World Area

The small world area has baskets of different figures, animals, dinosaurs, trains and cars available for our children to set up and play with. This area really helps to promote our childrens imagination and understanding of the world.

Reading Den & Sensory Area

Our reading den is a quiet, calm, cushioned area where our children can enjoy sharing their favourite story with their friends or an adult.

Our sensory area is another calming part of the room that includes lots of touchy feely natural open-ended resources to help extend play.

Our Messy Area

We have a messy area which is where all our arts, crafts, mark making, and messy sensory activities happen.

Sand & Water Play

We have a big indoor on the floor sandpit which the children love to explore in. We have baskets of different scoops and shells which the children can self-select and use to support their play if they wish.

Our Garden

We have bifold doors at the end of our room that open to our large outdoor area, allowing us to operate a “free flow” system where the garden area is accessible throughout our childrens sessions. Our garden includes lots of physical play opportunities including a climbing frame, balance beams, tunnels and a slide. As well as this we have a natural area for the children to explore and understand our world in, lots of bug hunts and planting and growing happens here.

In our mud kitchen, much like our indoor home corner, we enjoy taking on roles and acting out different experiences with real life objects and lots of mud!

We also have a garden summer house; we use this for small group work and to help promote speech and language. When it is not in use for this, the summer house is open for children to use as a quiet area to share stories or look at the puppets.